Sunday, January 22, 2012

Research continues

While continuing my research into storyboard goodness I've come across some great tips that I'm excited to try out for myself.

I uncovered a slew of worksheets provided to me by Ron Doucet while I was trying to do storyboards for a potential job. These worksheets are fabulous and I intend to print them out to aid me with my storyboard bible. These worksheets demonstrate an array of storyboard knowledge that I can't wait to absorb. Also, by Ron Doucet are some great storyboard examples on his website: HERE

On a more tangible level, I discovered a great and apparently common storyboard trick of using Sticky Notes!
While creating the first, rough drafts of storyboards, artists will create each panel individually on sticky notes and attach them to a wall. That way they can stand back and look at the entire storyboard in one go. Should there be any changes needed in the storyboards its just a matter of moving or changing some sticky notes until its perfect! Then the clean up begins! This week I intend to buy TONNES of sticky notes for when I prepare to create my very own storyboards for an exciting up and coming project!

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