Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let the studies begin!

One of the main reasons I decided to return to school was to oomph up my storyboarding skills (or lack thereof).

When I graduated from animation I was excited and felt empowered with my animation knowledge- but when an opportunity to work as a storyboard artist was presented to me, I was scared! I never really covered storyboards before! I've always loved comics and I always enjoyed seeing storyboards/animatics- but I had never really learned how to properly make them!

Jump to present time; I'm an IMOG student, I've covered some storyboard basics in a Sequential Art class. I got a taste and now I want more!!
Luckily an opportunity for more storyboard goodness was presented to me through the "Self Directed" course available here. In this course I research a subject of my own choice (with the faculty's approval of course) and learn the ins and outs on my own time. the obvious choice for me was storyboards!

So here I am, preparing a blog to keep record of my learning/experiences working with storyboards. On this blog you will find some awesome reference storyboards, some tips and tricks I'll (hopefully) be picking up along the way and some storyboards of my own!

So stay tuned for some boarded stories from your's truly!

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