Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I forgot to include the animatic I created from the storyboards I made for the Joggin's project!

Check it out HERE!

Biting off more than I can chew

Well, it would seem my self inflicted assignment has proven most difficult!

My assignment which entails storyboarding 6 minutes of animated footage requires a lot more work and time than I expected. I've been working on the boards for a number of hours and I have not come close to being 1/2 way complete.

For the sake of completing this assignment swiftly I decided to lower the quality of my work and make the drawings more rough.

Even though I have not completed the boards I still have observed a lot. It is apparent that the storyboard artist for Road to El Dorado had a great sense of design and story telling. There are numerous examples of the rule of thirds as well as framing the focus point.

I'm going to carry on and work on these boards at double speed. Here's hoping that I don't knock myself off schedule too much!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6 minute storyboard

For this week my task is to create a storyboard for animation between 5-7 minutes in length. This assignment was to help me understand how 5-7 minutes of animation translates into storyboards as I will be creating my own storyboards for an animated short soon.

I chose to storyboard a clip from one of my favourite animated movies "The Road to Eldorado". I chose this movie because it is an awesome movie with great cinematography, layout, poses, expression etc. It seemed like the perfect fit!

The clips I chose are in the form of two youtube clips starting from 6:35 on this clip HERE and going until 4:35 in this clip HERE.

I have begun the storyboarding process and hope to have everything done on the weekend, if not Friday. I realize that this being my first somewhat Big storyboard experience it will take me a decent amount of time. But it will be done!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Storyboard work!
These storyboards are for a project in another class!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I've come to realize the knowledge ones can obtain via online forums!
HERE is an animation forum I stumbled upon, in this particular conversation the people are discussing storyboards and storyboarding.

I must keep forums in mind, they are an untapped resource for me as I have never really dug too far into them!

Research continues

While continuing my research into storyboard goodness I've come across some great tips that I'm excited to try out for myself.

I uncovered a slew of worksheets provided to me by Ron Doucet while I was trying to do storyboards for a potential job. These worksheets are fabulous and I intend to print them out to aid me with my storyboard bible. These worksheets demonstrate an array of storyboard knowledge that I can't wait to absorb. Also, by Ron Doucet are some great storyboard examples on his website: HERE

On a more tangible level, I discovered a great and apparently common storyboard trick of using Sticky Notes!
While creating the first, rough drafts of storyboards, artists will create each panel individually on sticky notes and attach them to a wall. That way they can stand back and look at the entire storyboard in one go. Should there be any changes needed in the storyboards its just a matter of moving or changing some sticky notes until its perfect! Then the clean up begins! This week I intend to buy TONNES of sticky notes for when I prepare to create my very own storyboards for an exciting up and coming project!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the hunt

My task for this week (January 16th-20th) is to do some research on storyboards and storyboard artists.
I would like to find some blogs and/or websites with tips and examples to help me understand what the industry standard is for storyboards.

So far I found a fabulous resource in this website: HERE
It is a blog/website run by Sherm Cohen who has shows such as Spongebob Squarepants, Phineas and Ferb, Hey Arnold (and more) under his belt.
On this site there are some great looks and existing storyboards and some tips such as "How clean is a cleaned up storyboard".
I'm very excited to investigate this site further.

Also for this week I want to collect some documents I have discovered as a bit of a person storyboard bible. I'll need all the help and resources I can get when I begin creating my own storyboards for a super exciting project I will soon be working on!

Let the studies begin!

One of the main reasons I decided to return to school was to oomph up my storyboarding skills (or lack thereof).

When I graduated from animation I was excited and felt empowered with my animation knowledge- but when an opportunity to work as a storyboard artist was presented to me, I was scared! I never really covered storyboards before! I've always loved comics and I always enjoyed seeing storyboards/animatics- but I had never really learned how to properly make them!

Jump to present time; I'm an IMOG student, I've covered some storyboard basics in a Sequential Art class. I got a taste and now I want more!!
Luckily an opportunity for more storyboard goodness was presented to me through the "Self Directed" course available here. In this course I research a subject of my own choice (with the faculty's approval of course) and learn the ins and outs on my own time. the obvious choice for me was storyboards!

So here I am, preparing a blog to keep record of my learning/experiences working with storyboards. On this blog you will find some awesome reference storyboards, some tips and tricks I'll (hopefully) be picking up along the way and some storyboards of my own!

So stay tuned for some boarded stories from your's truly!